It is a leading commercial variety of North India. The fruits are medium in size, oblong to oblong-oblique in shape, with yellow color. Fruit quality is excellent and keeping quality is good. It is a mid-season variety.

Size  :  250g to 300g

Processing :

  1. Mangoes are harvested scientifically and then transported of an APEDA approved pack house.
  2. Then the Mangoes go through Vapour Heat Treatment/ Hot Water Treatment/ Irradiation Treatment depending on the protocol prescribed for the country to which the Mangoes are exported.
  3. Phytosanitary inspection is done by PQ department of India before shipment. (For some country the PQ inspection is done jointly by PQ inspector from Importing country and Indian PQ inspector).

Packing :

  • 3 kg net CFB Box  (10 to 12 Mangoes per box) or
  • 5 kg net CFB Box (16 to 20 Mangoes per box)
  • Each Mango is covered with Foam Net.
  • All ventilation holes in the box are covered with net screen mesh.

Shipment by :  Air/ Sea